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Here's "Five Reasons Why" You & Your
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Reason #1—You Need Fresh Leads Every Month!


Dear Networker,

If you're going to succeed in Network Marketing, you have to insure your lead supply. Profit Leads is an excellent way of doing so.

For a limited time, you can TEST 25 our our Telephone Interviewed Leads for the next 7 days for just $9.95 (a $99.95 value)

Then, on day 8 (unless you cancel) we will deliver 25 Telephone Interviewed leads to you at the normal price of $99.95 (just $3.99 per interviewed lead).

These prospects have not only opted into a website, we've also had our phone room CALL THEM and interview them!

After you click the "7-Day Trial" button, you will be emailed your 25 Telephone Interviewed Leads and our training manual called: 

"Build Your Empire With Profit Leads".

Your Monthly Leads Package Will Include the Following Fields:

- First & Last Name
- Phone Number
- Email Address
- City, State, Zipcode
- Best time to call
- Agents name they spoke with
- How much extra money they would like to make
- How much time they can spend each week on a business
Plus, we also replace any bad phone number, street address or undeliverable e-mail FREE of charge!

As soon as you join Profit Leads you'll have
a regular monthly flow of good, solid
prospects you and your group can recruit
into your primary program…and fast!

Plus, I'll teach you how to contact these leads so you get the maximum sign-up rate!


Reason #2—Your Downline Needs Leads!


If you're going to succeed in Network Marketing, you must help the people you recruit to make money. This means helping them get the leads they need. We help supply them!

What's the point of recruiting people into your current program if they sit there with no one to contact?

That's the biggest reason
people fail in Network Marketing.
They don't have anyone to contact!

When you join Profit Leads and get your downline to join with you, they get the leads they need.

That's when your downline
really starts to explode!

By putting your downline into Profit Leads, you'll make more money from your primary program.

And, you'll generate additional income from their membership in Profit Leads with our powerful 15/45 two-tier pay plan.

You'll also be a certified “double dipper”, drawing two checks every month from the same people.

Now, that's
really smart!

If you don't have these leads, you are slowing the growth of your organization and making it MUCH MORE DIFFICULT for your people to succeed.

If they don't succeed, they drop out. And, you don't succeed either. This is why Profit Leads is so important both for those who have leads…and for those who do not have leads!

That's why Profit Leads can easily be the difference between your organization expanding…or having the members of your program get frustrated and drop out, which is exactly what happens in many Network Marketing programs today.

A special notice for
people who think they have
all the leads they need!

This might be true… for you. But is it true for EVERYONE in your organization?

I seriously
doubt it!

To succeed in Network Marketing, you can't just think about your own situation…you must always think about how people in your downline are doing.

When you're all members of Profit Leads together, everyone will be making more money--guaranteed! Plus, all your team members will also be guaranteed a commission check every month they are active, just like you!


Reason #3—Make Money Referring Customers in Our 15/45 Uni-Level Compensation Plan!


We Pay 100% BV On All Purchases. A $99.95 Sale is Paid as a $100 Sale. So, You Would Earn $15 on Your First Level and $45 on Your Second Level on all qualified $99.95 customer sales.

Profit Leads is a two-level uni-level program. You get paid up to 80% in commissions, 15% on your first level and 45% on your second level.

Starting on your 3rd level you can get paid a 10% generation bonus until the next qualified Gold Member.

Earn $780.00 a Month With 20 Customers:


Here's the Math on $780 a Month:

Level 1: 4 x $100 = $400 x 15% = $60.00
Level 2: 16 x $100 = $1600 x 45% = $720.00

Total : $60.00 + $720.00 = $780.00 a month!

Do you know how much money you'd have to invest at your local bank in order to earn an extra $780.00 a month in residual income?

A whopping $624,000 if you
had a 1.5% Interest bearing CD!

The above example shows your potential earnings with 20 people in your group buying just 25 leads for $99.95 a month!

You can sponsor more than four people on your 1st level, too. Put as many people as you want to on your 1st level...it's unlimited!

And, you're not limited to just $780.00 a month!

Here's How To Achieve A Full-Time
Income with Profit Leads:

Earn $3,900 a month with just 100 people!

*Sponsor 20 frontline to you at $99.95 per month and help those 20 sponsor just 4 each for a total of only 80 people on our 2nd level for a Group of 100.

That pays you a WHOPPING $3,900 a month!
Or, an incredible $46,800 a year!

Earn $10,260 a month with just 252 people!

*Sponsor 36 frontline to you at $99.95 per month and help those 36 sponsor just 6 each for a total of only 216 people on your 2nd level for a Group of 252.

That pays you a WHOPPING $10,260 a month!
Or, an incredible $123,120 a year!

*(These projections are based on customers at $99.95 a month. Your income could be more if your customers purchase more each month. Also, these projections are not a guarantee of income. Your results will depend upon the efforts of you and your organization, and will take persistance and work!)


With Profit Leads you add on another simple income source by providing something people in your group need without competing against your current MLM opportunity--monthly leads.

Your objective should be to develop, in Profit Leads, a completely parallel organization to that you're already developing (or will develop) in your primary program.

Look How Many Ways
You Can Make Money
With Profit Leads:

#1—Make money when you sign up people ALREADY in your Network Marketing opportunity. Every time you recruit a member of your existing organization into Profit Leads you get a second check each and every month—very soon, you could be making more than your leads are costing you, which gives you FREE leads and another Bonus Check!

#2—Make money every time you bring a NEW recruit into your primary program…When you recruit someone new into your Network Marketing program, recruit them into Profit Leads at the same time. This provides the leads they need and additional income for both you and them!

#3--Make money when the prospect you talk to is working ANOTHER Network Marketing program, but won't sign-up with you. If you're trying to recruit someone from another business into your program and they won't come in, if you're NOT a MLM Mastermind member, the matter ends there.

You've lost!

But, when you're in Profit Leads, you can recruit this prospect into your group and still make money!

After all, you'll not only be able to recruit this person into your Profit Leads group; you can bring in his or her ENTIRE organization, too!

A real bonanza!

Thus, you're really in luck…even if the prospect won't join your Primary program you make money!



Reason #4 — Profit Leads is Easy to Recommend!


Profit Leads is the easiest program to promote, because EVERYONE NEEDS GOOD QUALITY PROSPECTS TO TALK TO!

And, with our 7-Day Trial at just $9.95, everyone on your team or that you know can afford Profit Leads. There are no signup fees, or even website fees!

It's simple to understand, and it's universally applicable to anyone working a Network Marketing program.

l If your recruit tells you they're going to join your organization, getting them to join Profit Leads is a snap…because they need leads!

l If your prospects say they want to keep working another program, you can still get them into Profit Leads and make money…because they need leads!

l You'll find that making money in Profit Leads is about the easiest thing you've ever done in your life…and one of the most profitable!

Reason #5—Get Monthly Training
from 36-Year MLM Veteran Robert Blackman!

"Just One Piece Of Advice From
Robert Grew My Downline By 6,519!"


Another HUGE Advantage is when you join my #1 Elite team you get my unique guidelines on how to make money from Profit Leads every single month!

This includes conference calls and webinars each month to help you not only recruit new members, but also train you and everyone on your team!

When you join today you'll a copy of my 227-page ebook in your very own back office. It sells for $29.95 on Amazon.com but is yours FREE when you join today!

In this book you'll get all the step-by-step details on how my Million Dollar Recruiting System Works!


In this book you'll get samples of a proven phone script, sample email and sample letter to use in your recruiting efforts!

These details are available ONLY to members of my team and can only be used by its members to make truly significant money…this means YOU!

Here's Everything You Get Today When You Join Profit Leads:

Bonus #1 - You Get  25 Telephone Interviewed Leads!
Bonus #2 - Get Free Phone Scripts, Emails and Postcard templates!
Bonus #3 - 58-Minute MLM Training Video!
Bonus #4 - Five MLM Training eBooks!
Bonus #5 - Enrollment into our 15/45 Compensation Pay Plan!
Bonus #6 - FREE Replicated Website!
Bonus #7 - Downloadable 227 page ebook on Amazon: "MLM Big Money"

Profit Leads is the EASIEST business you'll ever promote.

No wonder! Look at all the advantages…it meets a need every Network Marketer has.

Look how you can easily
benefit without spending any
additional money each month!

Making Money in MLM is simple but, only if you have the leads every month and only if you have the system for converting those leads into happy customers and distributors.

Which your Profit Leads membership will train you how to do each and every month!

Click the link below, or pick up the phone and sign up right now, by calling my personal office number listed below my photo.

When you do, you'll get the leads you need, you'll get the training you need.

Plus, you'll get a free replicated website and free training you can use to build your downline, just like I do every single month!


Robert Blackman

National Marketing Director

(405) 833-6899

PS Profit Leads is a monthly lead autoship/recurring membershp program. You may cancel at anytime by emailing us at: profitleads@msn.com.

Your 7-Day Trial converts to a $99.95 monthly recurring billing on Day 8 unless you email us to cancel before then.  By contacting just five leads for five days you'll have a good idea of just how great our Telephone Interviewed Leads are!