Q: I'd just like to test your leads and recruiting system for the next 30 days, can I do that?

A: Yes, we do have a trial period for $9.95 for 30 days. For your first 30 days of membership you can test 100 of our Buyer Leads, get our free e-book and a free training Video & Audio & 50-page transcript for just a $9.95 processing fee!

Q: If I take your free 30 day test, what happens after my 30 days are up?

A: It's very simple. If you do not cancel before your 30 day trial is up, you keep getting 100 of our Buyer Leads leads every 30 days at the normal price of $99.95. If you don't like them, simply cancel before your 30 days are up and there will be no further charges to you! Cancellation terms are located here: www.profitleads.com/terms 

Q: How do you generate your leads and what information do I get with them?

A: We generate our leads online for those people who are interested in a home based business. You get the prospects name, phone number and email address. Q: Is there any guarantee with your leads?

A: We 100% guarantee the delivery of every lead or we replace them free of charge! That means if the phone number is wrong, or if the e-mail comes back to you, we replace them once a month, at the end of every month, free of charge to you!

Q: Can I order more than 100 leads my first month?

A: Yes, you can order an additional 100 leads for $49.95 or 50% off the normal price of $99.95. Look in your back office for a link on how to order additional leads or call our office at: 405-833-6899. Q: How do I qualify for commissions if I refer other customers to you?

A: You first have to sign up as an Affiliate, free of charge, after you become a leads customer. This is option and there is no charge to become an Affiliate of our program. To qualify for commissions you simply must be active lead customer for $99.95 a month. Commissions are mailed on the 15th of each month for the prior month's business. No commission are paid to you during your free 30 day trial. But, you are able to sign people up as an Affiliate if you are also on the free 30-day trial perioed. You are eligible for commissions starting your second month after your trial.

Q: Can you explain your pay plan more?

A: Yes! We have the most LUCRATIVE 2-Tier pay plan in the industry. You will be paid 15% on every personal referral and 45% for every 2nd level referral who orders and pays for 100 leads at $99.95. No commissions are paid on the $9.95 trial offer. You must also be an active Auto-Ship member of at least $99.95 a month in order to receive commissions every month. Commission checks are paid on the 15th of every month for the prior month's business.

For Example: With just a simple Group of 20 active $99.95 members, four on your first level and sixteen on your second level, you can earn $780.00 a month! There is no limit to the number of frontline members you can have. There is no guarantee of income from our two-tier affiliate program.

Q: Can I get paid with leads instead of a bonus check?

A: Yes! Simply notify us once you join by email and we will send you 100 leads for every first level referral. Q: If I live outside the U.S. can I still participate?

A: Yes! This is a World-Wide program. Q: What type of response rate should I expect from your leads?

A: We cannot guarantee any sort of response rate for your leads due to the fact we do not have control over what you say and do with your leads once you get them. We do teach you though, to focus on converting at least 1% of your leads every month which will mean you could sponsor 1, 2, 5 or 10 people every month from our leads. Some members even sponsor more!

Q: How old are the leads?

A: Our leads are generated daily, so based upon the day of the week you order they could be 24 hours to 72 hours old as we do not fulfill orders on the weekends. Q: Do you offer International Leads?

A: Yes, please call our office for the current International lists that we have available. Q: Are your leads shared with anyone else?

A: Your Profit Leads are not shared with any other member! Q: How are the leads delivered?

A: U.S. leads will be posted every day for the next in your own password protected back office. Your login details will be sent to you within 72-96 hours of placing your first order. Q: Will you teach me how to contact these leads every month for maximum response?

A: Yes! We specialize in teaching new members what to say and do by providing you with e-mail letters, postcard template, phone scripts and eBook training which is all provided free of charge with your membership once you join!

Q: What is your cancellation policy and how do I do that?

A: You must cancel within 15 days of your monthly autoship or you will be billed another month. To help us keep fresh leads generated we need the 15 day cancellation to adjust the number of leads that are needed each month for new members and recurring members. As we cannot store leads, we ask that you let your team also know of this 15-day cancellation policy. To cancel send an email to: profitleads@msn.com. Phone calls and voice mails will not be accepted as cancellations.