Intensive 7-Day Training Course!



Our 7-Day Intensive One-On-One Course is where we work directly with you, your spouse, your upline or even your downline via video over a 7-day period to help you explode your Network Marketing business!

Here's a quick outline of what we will cover over these 7 days:

Day 1 - Your Reasons Why

Day 2 - Warm Market System

Day 3 - Cold Market System

Day 4 - Developing Your 4-Core Beliefs

Day 5 - Compensation Plan Training & Goal Setting

Day 6 - Scripts, Texts, Emails, Postcards

Day 7 - 90-Day Game Plan For You!

This is the bare minimum we will be covering for you.

BONUS: You’ll also get 25 Telephone Interviewed Leads Every Month for 12 Months! (a $599.40 value!) 

You can also bring up other items or areas that you want or need help with in order for you to be successful in your Network Marketing program!

Best of all...we will be recording each of these sessions so you can have them for future reference.

We can record via video or on a conference call line, whichever works best for you!

When you join today, we will call you and arrange what 7 days and times are best for you!  This way, it's flexible and will fit into your busy schedule.

One last thing...many members want to meet in person and we can do that as well.  Instead of it being 7 hours of 7 days, we do an intense 7 hours in one day in person in Norman, Oklahoma.  Contact us for more details if you'd like to be mentored in person instead of on the phone or video!