Look How Many Ways You Can Make Money With Profit Leads:

- Active PE = Personally Enrolled On Your First Level Who Have an Active $99.95 Autoship.

- We Pay 100% BV On All Purchases. A $99.95 Sale is Paid as a $100 Sale. So, You Earn $15 on Your First Level and $45 on Your Second Level.

(After your 7-Day Trial, you will be automatically sent your next set of 25 leads unless you tell us not to. Then, you will be able to start earning commissions on referring customers to us)

Profit Leads is a two-level uni-level program. You get paid up to 80% in commissions, 15% on your first level and 45% on your second level.

Starting on your 3rd level you can get paid a 10% generation bonus. Then, you can earn a 5% generational bonus two more generations deep!

#1—Make money when you sign up people ALREADY in your Network Marketing opportunity. Every time you recruit a member of your existing organization into Profit Leads you get a second check each and every month—very soon, you could be making more than your leads are costing you, which gives you FREE leads and another Bonus Check!

#2—Make money every time you bring a NEW recruit into your primary program…When you recruit someone new into your Network Marketing program, recruit them into Profit Leads at the same time. This provides the leads they need and additional income for both you and them!

#3--Make money when the prospect you talk to is working ANOTHER Network Marketing program, but won't sign-up with you. If you're trying to recruit someone from another business into your program and they won't come in, if you're NOT a Profit Leads member, the matter ends there.

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how to make $780 a month with just 20 customers!

4 who get 4!

Here's the Math on $780 a Month:

Level 1: 4 x $100 = $400 x 15% = $60.00

Level 2: 16 x $100 = $1600 x 45% = $720.00

Total : $60.00 + $720.00 = $780.00 a month!

Do you know how much money you'd have to invest at your local bank in order to earn an extra $780.00 a month in residual income?

A whopping $624,000 if you had a 1.5% Interest bearing CD!

(See for today's current CD rate)

The above example shows your potential earnings with 20 people in your group buying just 25 Telephone Interviewed Leads for $99.95 a month!

You can sponsor more than four people on your 1st level, too. Put as many people as you want to on your 1st's unlimited!

And, you're not limited to just $780.00 a month!

Here's How To Earn $3,900 a month with just 100 customers!

*Sponsor 20 frontline to you at 25 leads per month and help those 20 sponsor just 4 each for a total of only 80 people on our 2nd level for a Group of 100.

That pays you a WHOPPING $3,900 a month!
Or, an incredible $46,800 a year!

Here's How To Earn $10,260 a month with just 252 customers!

*Sponsor 36 frontline to you at 25 leads per month and help those 36 sponsor just 6 each for a total of only 216 people on your 2nd level for a Group of 252.

That pays you a WHOPPING $10,260 a month!
Or, an incredible $123,120 a year!

*(These projections are based on just 25 leads a month. Your income could be more if your customers purchase more than 25 leads a month. Also, these projections are not a guarantee of income. Your results will depend upon the efforts of you and your organization, and will take persistence and work!)

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