"Why Do You Succeed When Others Fail?"

By Robert and Sheri Blackman

From one of my Coaching Sessions...

I had a client of mine ask a very insightful question to me this week.

She asked:

"Robert, how have you succeed in Network Marketing for 35 years when others never seem to make a dime?

Here was my answer:

"I have a CONSUMING OBSESSION and a BURNING DESIRE to succeed, where others tend take an attitude of I'll try it for a while and see how it turns out".

Robert "Cortez" Blackman could be my real name!

I've burned all bridges.

A bridge to working for someone else.

A bridge for owning a storefront business.

When I got on my Network Marketing journey I already had decided my own fate.

I knew what corporate America held and that wasn't for me. I have many, many friends who love that career path and I salute them.

But, I just can't sit still and have someone else tell me what to do and when to do it and how much money they think I"m worth.

I knew that traditional business wasn't for me.

I had gone bankrupt trying to save my Father's printing plant already.

Payroll taxes.
Employees not showing up for work.
Accounts receivable.
Accounts payable.
Cash flow worries.

Again, I have many, many friends who run a traditional business and I salute them.

But, traditional business gave me no time freedom.

And, time, is an IRREPLACABLE asset that neither a job or traditional business gives.

They both take time away from me.

Network Marketing is weird to most.

It's "non-traditional" to the mass market place.

And, I guess that just sums me up as well...non-traditional!

I love being my own boss, but that also puts me at 100% commission, every minute of every day of my life.

I'm okay with that.

Most are not.

The problem with most, is they don't realize that the first year or two in a Network Marketing program are the most difficult.

That's when most quit.

That's where most buy into the ads that say:

"Never talk to anyone"

"Don't bug your family and friends"

"The products and services are over-priced"

"I'm no good at sales"

"It's a pyramid"

"Only the first few in make big money"

And, all those other things you hear, read and easily want to believe because it takes you off the hook.

I told my client:

"You haven't burned your bridges you won't become highly successful until you do!"

She paused for a moment and said to me:

"Robert, you are correct"

I'm not that smart.
I'm not the greatest salesman.

I just have a sold-out attitude about this business.

I've seen too many successful people to deny it.

So, I burned my bridges and moved forward.

I'm not in my first program, although I've been with one for 15 years this May.

So, I haven't been immune to heart ache, disappointment and discouragement.

Burning your bridges doesn't mean quitting your job.

Quite the contrary.

You need your job to do two things for you each month:

1) Finance your business
2) Tick you off enough to motivate you to grow as a person

I am not the same person I was 35 years ago.

I've grown.

That growth allows me to have a clear vision and that's why so many CEO's hire me to help them trouble shoot their business.

You need to keep your job.

You don't need to quit your job until you have a years salary in the bank, maybe two.

You can keep your job or traditional business if you love it and are passionate about it, I know a lot of happy, and wealthy Part-Time Network Marketing millionaires.

The burning of bridges mean you are sold out on YOUR deal...whatever it is and you put the blinders on.

You work harder than anyone learning from the company and from the leadership who is making the kind of money you want to make.

You act like your company is the only one in Network Marketing.

You stop looking elsewhere.

I equate it to my marriage.

I'm 100% committed.

I don't cheat.

I don't look for something better.

I know and I believe in my heart of hearts I have the best woman in the world and I treat her as such.

If you treated your marriage or relationship like you do your Network Marketing program what would that look like?

Would you be married to three people at the same time?

Would you be divorced a dozen times?

It's simple really.

Sell out to your deal, whatever it is.

Don't take the bait of temptation that "something is better suited for me"

Most reps who quit their program have NEVER shown 10 plans to anyone.


Yet, there is something wrong with their program.

PICK YOUR PASSION and get after it.

My client understood what I was telling her.

She is putting on the blinders.

I asked her to do this...something most don't teach and don't like, but here you go anyway.

I told her to get a 10 year plan to $10,000 a month.

End of year one be making $1,000 a month.

End of year two be making $2,000 a month.

End of year ten be making $10,000 a month

That's not an excuse to take it easy and throttle back.


I teach "10 years to $10,000 a month" because it easily RELATES to everyone who listens to it.

Most people have a "secure job" to protect them long term.

They have retirement.

They have Social Security "at least" they think.

So, they can RELAX and focus.

I want my downline to mentally RELAX when it comes to what program they pick with me.

Then, I want them to go lite themselves on fire and get after it!

I'm teaching her to do 90 day blitz's where she has a daily operation of tasks and to track what she does and to focus on every Sunday night to have shown at least 7 plans or presentations.

That doesn't have to be in person.

That can all be online.

That can be as simple as saying:

"Hey, go here and watch this video and tell me who I should talk to"

(I use that with my family and friends as a referral approach)

"Hey, go here and watch this video and let's talk at 7pm tonight to see if you want more information and have a fit or a match, okay?"

(I use that with my non-family and friends approach)

Your script doesn't have to match mine.

You just need to get one.

My presentation doesn't have to match mine.

You just need to be giving at least 7 of them a week.

You need to have a BURNING DESIRE to succeed.

I know.

In February I "got after it again"

I tripled my sales from Feb 2014.

I got focused.

I burned a few bridges that I was "playing around with".

So, I know it works.

And, 90% of the people I brought in I had never talked to before.

They had no clue who I was.

They didn't know I have two books on

They didn't know I'm a MLM consultant.

They didn't know I've been at this for 35 years.

They just "heard in my voice" my OBSESSION and my PASSION.

If I called you could I hear it in your voice?

If not, then you need to burn some mental, emotional and physical bridges my friend.

That's the ONLY way to play this game we call Network Marketing!

Put the blinders on and act like your company is the last company on earth to do Network Marketing with.

When you do that, in 90 days your life will completely changed.

And, so will your bank account!


Robert & Sheri Blackman

9405) 833-6899