"What kind of EXPERT are you?"

By Robert and Sheri Blackman

"What kind of EXPERT are you?"temp-post-image

I will have to tell you the biggest single influencer in my Network Marketing career was a man by the name of John in Amway.

99% of you will have never heard his name, and can’t even find him on the Internet, so I spare his last name in this article to make a subtle point.

Here’s what John did for me.

I first met him after I had already joined Amway.

He drove all the up from Austin to Norman, about an 8 hour drive.

We promoted his meeting for about a week.

He was my sponsors, sponsor.

His income at that time was estimated around $100,000 a month.

He was an EDC going Triple Diamond, heading to the top of the plan at Crown Diamond.

Having never met anyone who was making $100,000 a month in Network Marketing I was very anxious to meet him.

We had some “PI’s” (Private Interviews) set up at a Denny’s across from the Hotel meeting that night.

I had six people show up at the same time at about 7:00.

John sat down, got out a napkin and started to draw out the 2-5 year plan and a quick 6-4-2 plan to $2,100 a month.

I was really amazed as immediately I thought he’d be better at drawing the plan out than me…he wasn’t.

I also thought he’d have some slick handout and speak with big words…he did neither.

As I sat there I found myself saying:

“How in the world is this guy making $100,000 a month? He must of got in early, or his parents passed down their position to him, as I’m way better than him”.

- 5 out of the 6 went to the meeting that night.
- 3 joined on the spot.

We had a “night owl” back at the same Denny’s and he left around 1am to drive BACK to Austin.

I thought that was crazy, but there is a method to his madness.

Before he left he scheduled a time to come back the next Thursday to do the same thing.

We did.

Signed up 3 more people.

He said the same thing before he left.

I stopped him and basically said:

“Hey, John, I’ve got this buddy, there’s no need for you to keep driving 8 hours every week”.

He replied:

“I won’t stop coming until you’ve gone Direct Robert, that’s my promise to your sponsor and to you”.

He got back in the car and waved and I sat there kind of stunned as I’d be asleep in an hour and he’d still be driving.

Direct, by the way, is $15,000 in sales volume in a given month.

To get to his next pin level he needed my leg to go "Direct". And, to secure the leg he needed four directs under me.

He often told me:

"Robert, your leg is going direct, with you, or without you!"

He kept coming back, he kept doing the same “crappy presentation” (in my mind) and he kept signing people up.

He never told these people how much money he made, in fact, he taught all of us to never tell a prospect that.

He never strayed off course.

He never was too big to talk to anyone.

He was never fancy.

He was never flamboyant.

He never over promised.

He never under delivered.

He would never go away!

He was a rock that I could crash against.

What he told me one night changed my life forever.

I asked him:

“John, you make $100,000 a month, what in the world are you doing at a Denny’s with me in Norman, Oklahoma on a Thursday night drawing circles on a napkin that has a coffee stain on it. Don’t you want more out of your life?

He grinned, almost like he was just waiting for the day for me to ask him this “rookie” question.

He replied…

“Robert, this business is about people. When you build up people, they build up your business. So, yes, I could travel more, spend less time here and there but in a few years my business would die off. Why? Because my group won’t grow that way, physically or personally. You see, Robert, I’ve read all the books, I know all the words to say, but where I continue to grow is when I look into the eyes of a prospect, who I barely know, and I get a chance to help them. I get a chance to speak to their inner soul. I have no idea what their answers will be when I ask them. If I try to predict what they say, or pigeon hole all prospects into a certain category, then I lose. I won’t be able to reach them as I won’t really be listening. Robert, it may seem that I drive 8 hours to come help you. But, that’s not why I do it. Sure, you benefit by it, but you are not the reason I’m sitting here waiting on your prospect who has no-showed us. I come here for me. Yes, me. I get to drive in the car and listen to tapes. I get out of the house and I have a list of two to three dozen people I can call and talk to on my way up. To encourage them to listen to them and to help them. When I get here, I’ve already won. I’ve been able to help others in a way that nobody else will. That’s why I make $100,000 a month, Robert. Because I will drive 8 hours to help others.”

I know in the Internet age this is laughed at and mocked.

I’ve been on hangout after hangout watching a “guru” laugh at the concept of doing this.

Just saw a guy the other day laugh and thought it was some kind of accomplishment that “He doesn’t talk to anyone on the phone”

So, he’s pitching to his team’s weakness…not helping them self-improve, rather profiting from weakness. And he thinks he’s won?

They just set up a page, build a big list and sell the hell out of it.

Then, they expect you to duplicate their unduplicatable system.

That’s why most never make it past 90 days.

Their sponsor is teaching them Internet Marketing, not Network Marketing.

Yes, you can merge the two, and I have.

But, I’m getting off point.

My point today is about self-improvement and what kind of EXPERT you are, or want to become.

I don’t FEEL the internet guru’s are changing people’s lives like John does.

They call this "catering to weakness".

Those gurus teach...

"If they don't join at the top package I won't even bother replying to their email"

The masses are starting to RESENT the internet guru’s and their glib hangouts where the six figure income earners are laughing all the time and handout out secrets like bread crumbs to the pigeons.

So, they’ve pigeon holed their team.

They sit on the ivory tower and talk about this great, big secret of driving traffic. About landing pages. About autoresponders. About how their team just needs to shut up and get more people to watch the guru’s videos and buy their stuff.

The masses are tired of this folks.

They are tired of the guru’s not teaching them a damn thing but to buy the guru’s stuff and sit for an hour and watch them ramble and laugh on a hangout and basically tell them NOTHING.

It’s time to get back to the basics.

Self-improvement comes when you get your ego out of the way.

It comes when you’re willing to help anyone and everyone.

You’re never too good or too rich to talk to a prospect.

Notice how most guru’s never give out their phone number?

Why not?

You are the last person they want to talk to…they have no interest talking to their former “selves”.

They don’t want to dignify that call…so they point you to another webinar, another hangout, another back office full of videos, that nobody will watch, and they think they are being Network Marketers.

They are not. They are being supervisors and bosses.

Pointing and telling their group: “Don’t ever call me. Don’t ever email me. Watch the videos. Read the 1,268 FAQs we’ve written hoping and praying that we’ve answered every single question you can think of so we never have to talk to you.

John’s FAQ was in his brain.

He relayed that information through his mouth.

He invested in people, not technology.

He gave his time so now he has more time.

He said:

“Robert, if you want time freedom, you have to give your time first. Time freedom doesn’t come with a big check. That’s a temporary illusion. If you think a big check is time freedom and you aren’t giving your time to your team or potential team members then in two years you’ll be in another program. Then again, again and again all over. How do you know if you become that person? You become a pay plan expert. You become a product line expert. You become a system expert. So, those become your focal point. You see Robert, I’m a “People Expert”. Nobody wants to do what I do, but everyone wants the money I make without putting in the work. Yes, there are a few wizards out there that can make $100,000 a month online without talking to people, but they won’t do it in one program forever. You see, I’m doing this forever in Amway, I’m done. I’ve found the company that I know will pay my children when I pass away, will yours? Or, does yours just pay out 25% more? Become a “People Expert” Robert and you’ll never worry about a bill again, nor will you ever stop growing as a person and self improving. The day I think “I’ve arrived” is the day my check stops growing and I stop growing as a person and I will never reach my full potential before I die”

John made you feel better about yourself with every meeting and phone call.

He made me want to try harder.

I had become accustomed to letting myself down, but I never wanted to let John down as he believed in me more than I did.

In fact, one week I had zero prospects when he arrived after his 8 hour drive.

What did he do? How did he react?

We went to my home, called some prospects, got a few downline members over and he made me draw the plan out on the whiteboard like he was a prospect.

He then did an hour of training and drove home.

I'm not saying drive 8 hours to be better.

I'm saying act as if you are!

What kind of Expert are you?

I'm striving to become a "People Expert"


Robert & Sheri Blackman

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