We Voted Today: "Because We're on Team America!"

By Robert and Sheri Blackman

Sheri and I voted early today.


Why did we vote today?

Because we are on "Team America" (more on this later)

We stood in line for about an hour.

We met some great people and had some fun conversations today.

Those at the voting booth were very helpful.

They all had smiles on their faces and you could tell they sincerely loved being there.

As I stood there today I was amazed at the different culture of people there.

I was impressed at how everyone acted and were proud to cast their vote.

I started to feel great pride in being in America, being a U.S. Citizen and how important it was to be part of something that as a "team" or collective, we could all stand together, disagree on issues and still be happy in the process that "our vote counted" at the same time.

Today Sheri and I talked about how we are "Part of a Team" as Americans. As U.S. Citizens.

How we have to be an example for our five children.

How we must cast our vote for OUR hopes and dreams, regardless of what the media says is happening, or who is good or bad to vote for.

Today, we were contributors to "Team America".

I see a lot of this today:

"I'm not going to vote"

"I'm not even registered, what's the use"

"Nobody cares about what I think"

"My vote won't count anyway"

"I hate both candidates"

(Although, when I voted today, President was just one out of over a dozen votes I cast. I voted for or against Judges and important amendments to my county where I live. So, when I got in there, I quickly realized that nobody on TV was talking about my local issues. Instead, I did my homework before I went to vote and looked up each amendment and each Judge so I could be informed. That's an example I want my children to take. No, we are not cows going to slaughter. We have free will. We have a choice. Freedom isn't free. And, freedom (or, Team America as I like to call it) means you show up for practice and you cheer for your team regardless who is starting quarterback or starting free safety. I'll be happy to "ride the bench and cheer for me team" if that's what's required of me!)

I see that as a cop out.

I totally get the argument and I can, after watching a Presidential debate, even half-convince myself to not vote as well.

But, while I was standing in line today I felt both significant and "insignificant".

And, isn't that life after all?

Aren't we all searching and longing for significance?

Today, Sheri and were significant.

Not because of who we voted for.


"TEAM AMERICA" is our team.

We've signed up for this team for life.

We will have coaching changes.

We will have personnel changes.

We won't win them all.

We may not even play that much.

But, when the coach yells my name:

"BLACKMAN! You're in!"

Then I strap on my helmet and go in the game.

Voting is the same thing.

Regardless of how "disgusted" you are at the process and the system, go vote.

It's your TEAM my friend.

Be significant.

Be American.

Cast your vote.

You've earned it!



Robert & Sheri Blackman

(405) 833-6899