The "Open Window" Concept

By Robert and Sheri Blackman

“Understanding the OPEN WINDOW Concept to Recruiting Success”


Over 20 years ago when I heard a multi-millionaire from stage tell everyone he hit the top of his companies pay plan with six legs I was impressed.

What impressed me even more was that all six of those people who were the leaders in those legs had orginally told this man a big fat NO when he first showed them the plan.


He turned six no’s into six yes’s.

How did he do it?


He kept showing the plan.

Then, once a month he’d drop a postcard in the mail to EVERYONE who he had shown the plan to in the past but had said NO to him.

Pretty simple.

Pretty ingenious.

He claimed the “timing” wasn’t right for them.

He closed 50% of those that he showed the plan to.

He realized that 50% would say yes and 50% would say no, regardless of how well he showed the plan.

He just had to show up and show the plan…do the work to those that the “timing” was right.

A few years later I heard of this same type of story but this gentleman called it the “Open Window” concept.

He claimed that everyone’s window is open at least once a year.

I agree.

But, I have added that everyone’s window is open the day after they get paid.

Why the day after?

Because the day they get paid they are all excited.

Then, they go home and pay all their bills and have very little money left over until the NEXT payday.

Sound familiar?

That’s what I call the “roller coaster” effect of working for someone else.

It occurred to me when I worked for someone else.

So much so, my wife and I used to get in arguments of what bills to pay on the 1st and the 15th.

I liked having money in the bank.

She liked paying the bills on time.

So, we’d fight.

Sound familiar?

I guess after 36 years in Network Marketing I’ve just kept it simple.

I am still showing plans looking for other Robert Blackman’s.

Long term success in Network Marketing is about finding and developing leadership, nothing more, nothing less.

Along the way you find customers and half-hearted and committed distributors who come and go.

- I have been to hundreds of training classes.
- I have been to hundreds of conventions.
- I have hundreds of books in my library.
- I have hundreds of mp3’s on my computer.
- I have hundreds of videos on my computer.

And, I subscribe to over 50 people’s newsletters both within the Network Marketing community and outside it.

Why do I do all this?

To remain educated and keep myself sharp.

As much as things have changed in how we communicate with one another it’s really remained to the same to WHOM we talk to.

You and I talk to People.

People are still your asset.

Not the company.
Not your upline.
Not your website.
Not your products.
Not your services.
Not your pay plan.
Not your system.
Not your blog.

People are your asset.

We can now reach tens of thousands of people with a push of a button.

That’s made recruiting simple for some, while it evades others like the winning lottery numbers.

So, what is the “Open Window” concept and how can it help you?

You have to realize that when someone is ready to join, you can basically say anything to them.

But, on the other hand, if their window is closed, nobody can convince them to join, or even try the product for free.

You’ve seen these people on the front row with their arms crossed and a smirk on their face in meetings.

I know I have.

You’ve also seen them on your mailing lists.

The key to the open window concept is to keep showing the plan to new people.

That’s where 99% of all Networkers fail.

They don’t show the plan on a consistent, day-in, day-out basis.

And, when you aren’t showing the plan on a consistent basis, neither is your group and your group isn’t growing.

The gentleman who went to the top of his plan with six people who had previously said no understood this concept.

He never quit showing the plan.

But, he also knew that everyone’s window of opportunity is open at least once a year, or once a month, as he mailed them a postcard.

What did the postcard say?

It didn’t matter.

- He would list the meetings he was doing for that current month.He would list the company sponsored events.
- He’d include a testimonial.
- He’s put a picture of him and his wife hugging a new distributor.

In other words, he captured his activity in print and mailed it out to all the NO’s.

You can’t do that if you aren’t doing anything…so be sure to do something so you can use it as a recruiting device!

Some think this is a waste time and money.

I disagree.

If you are doing warm marketing only, as this gentleman was, you have a limited number of personal contacts.

Say you make a list of 300 and show the plan to 100.

Out of the 100 maybe 10 to 25 join.

Then, duplication either happens or doesn’t happen to those 10 to 25.

More often than not, duplication stops with YOU.

Nobody makes a list.

Nobody shows the plan.

Nobody makes any money.

Everybody quits.

Sound familiar?

How you avoid this most common problem in this day and age is very simple.

Capture everyone.

Show the plan to everyone.

Follow up with everyone at least once a month.

I send out a special email to my NO’s on the 2nd and 16th of every month.


Because most people get paid on the 1st and 15th and most people’s bills are due on the 1st and the 15th.

I figure that the probability of their window being open is highest during those days, and I figured right.

Prospects are your fuel to your business.

Whether that be warm leads or cold leads.

I’m the master distributor at a lead company not because it’s sexy, but because it’s like owning a gasoline station.

Most Networker's businesses are dead in the water.

Not because of them or their company.

Rather, their car/business is OUT OF GAS!

I have gas station.

I have gas anytime I need it.

My vehicle is gassed up and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Is yours?

If you get caught up in objections, no-shows and quitters, then maybe Network Marketing isn’t for you.

Maybe working for someone else is where you belong.

And, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But, if you truly have the desire to be your own boss, write your own paycheck and have the will to help others, then there is no other profession that I’ve ever seen or experienced that can deliver that to you.

You just can’t run that business without fuel in your tank.

So many people do and they blame everything but the empty tank.

It reminds me when I worked for my Father at our printing company.

I went to work one day and set everything up to print and turned on the press and it wouldn’t work.

Me and the supervisor spent a good hour taking it all apart and trying to figure out what was wrong with this “piece of junk press”.

My Father calmly walked by and asked:

“Rob, is it plugged in?”

I laughed out loud and say: “Of course it is”

Only to look at the wall to find the press unplugged.

Most Network Marketers businesses are unplugged.

- They have no leads.
- They show no presentations.
- They have no downline.
- They have no commission check.

Yet, they complain.

Show the plan. Look for open windows.

Don’t get hung up on closed windows.

Others have succeeded with this philosophy, I’ve succeeded with it in the past and still do today.

You can too!



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