The $100,000 a Month Cassette Tape Story!

By Robert and Sheri Blackman


"The $100,000 a Month Cassette Tape Story"

Early on in my career when I was trying to "figure out this business model", I had the opportunity to spend time with and get trained by guys who were making over $100,000 a month.

Not a year.

But, in a month.

I couldn't "see myself" ever getting to that point in my career unless I actually learned how they did it.

So, I asked a lot of questions.

I listened.

One of my mentor's secret was the "Tape of the Month" that he sent out to his team.

He equated his income with the number of tapes that were being sent to his team.

He told me when he had 200 people on Tape of the Month his check was around $200.

When he had 10,000 his income was around $10,000.

And, now, when his income was $100,000 a month, he had 100,000 tapes being distributed to his team.

He told me:

"Robert I make about $1 a month per tape that is out there. So, in order to grow my check, I just grow the tape business".

That taught me a lot.

He realized he was one person.

He realized that his team needed help and encouragement and as his team grew sometimes the message can be "watered down".

Tapes keeps the message clean.

Tapes keeps his team motivated.

Tapes allowed him to be in 100,000 homes at the same time.

The tapes kept his team focused and plugged in while others were searching online for something EASIER and FASTER with less SELF-DEVELOPMENT.

He told me that if someone will listen to the monthly tapes they grow as a person.

And, when they grow your team grows.

He also used it as a training device at his meetings.

He's always hold up the tape from that month and tell the team what HE learned from it.

He'd ask people in the audience to stand up and share what they learned as well.

He told me thousands of times:

"This business is really nothing more than a "Self-Development Business, Robert. And, while you're trying to find a short cut or a better way you are fighting the very core to the success of this business model...which is getting others to do for themselves that you seem to want to do for them instead. If they won't listen to the tapes, let them go...they are doing you a favor by telling you they aren't ready yet. One day, they will pop in a tape and listen to it and call you later that night saying they are ready to build the business!"

He was right.

One of his keys, still today, is the Tape of the Month club.

It's the GLUE to his team and their success.

They don't have the lowest priced products.

They don't have the highest paying compensation plan.

They don't have the best internet system either.

They do though, have the biggest teams.

If you want a team full of eager, hungry and focused people, get a monthly dose of self-development in their's guaranteed to work for you.

It works for my mentor still today and it still works for me, too!

And, you know a mp3, podcast, zoom meeting have the same affect in today’s world!



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