Prospecting by Phone Works!

By Robert and Sheri Blackman

Here's last night's stats:

25 minutes
25 phone calls
10 appointments

Here's the recording:

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I set 10 appointments in less than 25 minutes!

How many do you have?

How many does your team have?

Would you be shocked to know that most Network Marketers don't have 10 appointments they've set all year?!

My success isn't because I'm better than you or anyone else.
I'm not.

My success is I go to work.

I show the plan.
I talk to people.
I get customers.
I get distributors.
I get them to duplicate ME.
This is duplicatable.

Listen to the recording now.

You just have to go through the numbers with high quality leads.

These are the BEST LEADS I HAVE!

You can get as few as ten of them to test here:

Order Telephone Interviewed Leads Here

Sheri and I have made millions of dollars in our career with this methodology.

Don't have anyone tell you this doesn't work.

It does work.

It works so well I don't have to be good at social media and spend hours only doing what the "gurus" want to charge me $25,000 to do.

This works!
Try it!



Robert & Sheri Blackman

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