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By Robert and Sheri Blackman

I'm 54.

I've been a Network Marketer ever since I was 18...or 36 years strong now.

I've never missed a meal and I've never gone a month in my life without the pursuit of becoming my best and teaching others how to do the same.

I basically get "Paid to Talk", which is in a blessing my itself.

I get to sit on my back porch and talk and make money:


I'm not the best in the business, but I've found a way to be the "Best Robert Blackman" that I can be, write my own paycheck and pay my bills.

In May of 2001 my wife Sheri and I started Profit Leads.

We did so because we had run out of people to talk to in our Warm Market.

And, so had our team.

Since I was in the printing and publishing business, it was just a natural to start our own Lead Generation Company.

15 years later we are still here.

We are, in fact, the oldest MLM Lead company on the planet!

We have:

- Great Leads

- Great Training

- Great Pay Plan

Come check us out!

Discover what we've been doing that's allowed us to make millions of dollars, put food on our table, and call our own shots!




Robert & Sheri Blackman

(405) 833-6899