3 Challenges to Branding Yourself as an Expert in the Network Marketing Profession

By Robert and Sheri Blackman

The 3 Biggest Challenges of Trying to Build Your Network Marketing Business by “BRANDING” Yourself as an Expert.


The 3 Biggest Challenges of Trying to Build Your Network Marketing Business by Branding Yourself as the Expert.

1) Like it or not, your MLM company does NOT like you promoting more than one company or income stream. I've talked to leader after leader who has been terminated because of a post on a social media site about more than one company.
This isn't a problem that's going to to go away anytime soon either.

I'm all for multiple streams of income and I'm all for branding yourself and for you selling your own courses and those of other experts.

Just be careful.

If you are a leader in company A, and you make a post about company B, beware.

Your downline, upline, crossline and your competition can turn you into compliance and cause all sorts of problems for you.

I've even seen people terminated when they are selling their own course and only promoting ONE program! Insane as it seems, that is the reality of the profession today.

So, be as generic as possible as you can and never mention a company name if that's the way you want to do business.

2) Branding is not duplictable. Doesn't mean it doesn't work to build YOUR downline, it just won't work to build your downlines, downline. So, if you are good at making sales then go for it.

But, don't expect everyone to be branding like you, nor don't expect them to promote you.

- Not everyone wants to be tagged an expert.
- Not everyone wants or know how to write and blog.
- Not everyone is comfortable behind a camera talking about themselves and trying to educate and sell the general public.

“Network Marketing is about DUPLICATION, not INNOVATION, plain and simple and the Top 100 Companies back me up on that point.”

3) Branding is really just a job. There I said it. Branding takes work. It's a job for most. I find more people who have bigger groups and bigger commission checks who DON'T brand than those that DO brand.

If you had spent the same time showing the plan as you did setting up your blog you'd be hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month ahead.

So, I always like to look at the facts and let them do the debating for me.
This is not an opinion piece, it's a factual piece.

Do with it what you may...but these three problems are real and they aren't going away anytime soon for Network Marketers who are trying to brand themselves and build a group and getting that group to easily duplicate them.

Branding is great, just know ahead of time of the pros and cons before you bet the ranch on it 100%.


Robert & Sheri Blackman